Hackathon Winner

Based In
Tokyo, Japan

Paypal hosted a 24 hour hackaton called Battlehack in Tokyo on June 13, 2015. I attended with three colleagues at the time and for all of us, it was our very first hackathon experience. Over 200 people participated that day. After an exhilarating 24 continuous hours, I went on stage to present our product for our team and we ended up winning the Estimote sponsor award!

Using Estimote's beacon hardware technology, we created an app that simplified food ordering and bill payment. Restaurants equipped with the beacons would pop up on the user's cell phone whenever they are in the vicinity of the restaurant. The user can view any promotions or specials and preview the menu. After the user enters a restaurant, they can order directly on their phones and also see what their friends are ordering. Bill payment is automatically calculated and users can pay directly via Paypal.